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The Experience Box

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The modern chocolate bar is a mere shadow of its royal provenance of yesteryear. Many cocoa trees are mass-bred in an effort to increase productivity and resist disease, resulting in flavorless chocolate. Stettler set out to change that. 

One of the world’s best Swiss chocolate suppliers is proposing a new approach to revive artisanal chocolate production and raise awareness of this universal, but underrated, gastronomic treasure.

Through a collaboration with Luisa Abram, the world’s leading source of cocoa beans and a leader in sustainable cocoa production, and in partnership with renowned chef Salvatore Martone, we share the incredible journey of this rare chocolate concept from bean to bar. 

Here, we unite in sustainable harvesting, decadent flavor and sheer passion – creating a movement that will inspire today’s modern chocolate connoisseur. 

Now that you’ve joined the movement, discover the flavor! Order now to learn more about our three delicious bars from three inspiring Amazonian communities: Purus River, Juruá River and Tocantin River. 


This box is an exclusive tasting menu that focuses on three distinctive flavors:

  • Purus, Tocantins, and Juruá. 🍫
  • Box contains 3 bars, each weighing 40g (120g total) 📦
  • 70% cocoa (Vegan) 🌱

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Save the Forest

Part of the profits will be donated to the SOS Amazonia association to help protect the forest.

Meet our passionate experts

Chef Salvatore Martone
Luisa Abram
Rowan Jacobsen

Discovers the beans

Luisa Abram

Journey into the Brazilian Amazon where rare cacao is wild-foraged and transcendent chocolate is born. Luisa Abram is a master with a mission. She partners with native riverside communities to gather golden cacao pods and champion biodiversity.

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Founded in Geneva in 1947 by Paul Stettler, the Stettler chocolate factory has remained one of the leaders in artisanal chocolate production for more than 75 years. Stettler’s commitment to excellence is evident in its use of the most exceptional ingredients in the world.

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Kaleidoscope is a storytelling brand specialized in producing premium audio documentaries. Their shows are a passport to adventure; thrilling true stories, filled with heart. It’s racing down the Amazon with a modern Indiana Jones. It’s being lost in space with a Russian cosmonaut.

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